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Implementing Chronic Care into Practice - Live

Duration: 6 hours
Recommended for: GPs

This activity is aimed at GPs who work for or own a practice. With the ongoing care of a variety of chronic conditions such as COPD, type 2 diabetes, mental health and heart disease becoming a major part of our daily practice, we need to have systems in place to meet immediate and long term health needs of the patients affected. Being up to date with the latest evidence and best practice is only one part of the knowledge and skills that are needed to tackle effective chronic care management within a general practice setting.

This activity has been designed to assist GPs to develop a strong foundation applicable to their own practice needs in which to build a proficient and effective framework for managing chronic conditions on a short and long term basis. Tackling the foundation relies on a commitment, from the practitioner, the practice and its staff as well as the patients in order for it to be successful and this activity is designed to help sift through and focus on the essentials that will help make that commitment a less daunting and easier one to make. The positive outcomes for your patients relies on the effort that needs to be put in initially, after that, each patient should become easier to manage.

This ALM is accredited by the RACGP, and attendees will receive 40 Category 1 points upon completion.

GPCE Brisbane

Brisbane Convention &
Exhibition Centre

1-3 September 2017

NOTE: All registrations must be completed prior to the event. Onsite registration is unavailable.