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Management of Paediatric Medical Emergencies - Live

Duration: 6 hours
Recommended for: GPs/Nurses

This ALM is designed to provide general practitioners with the knowledge and skills to manage the most common life threatening events occurring in babies and small children. The course attempts to demystify and simplify the practice of paediatric resuscitation in serious presentations including compromised airways, infections, and the Hs and Ts (Hypoglycaemia, Hypovolaemia, Hypoxia, Hydrogen ions ((acidosis)) Hypo and Hyperkalaemia and Hypothermia, Toxins, Tamponade - cardiac, Tension pneumothorax, Thrombosis, Thromboembolism and Trauma) for the collapsed child and infant.

The ALM will cover common threats to life in Australia and the management of the Hs and Ts including workshops on:

  • Basic Life support for babies, children and adults,
  • Advanced airway management including removal of foreign bodies and use of Endotrachael intubation and iGel devices to protect airways,
  • IV and IO access including workshops on cannulation of scalp vein and veins of arms and legs,
  • Fluid replacement protocols and
  • Management of airway problems including croup and epiglottitis

Participants will also undertake scenario training in the resuscitation of the collapsed baby and infant. This is a hand’s on course covering those procedures that general practitioners may need to call upon if presented with a collapsed child in their surgery.

This ALM is accredited by the RACGP, and attendees will receive 40 Category 1 points upon completion.

GPCE Brisbane

Brisbane Convention &
Exhibition Centre

1-3 September 2017

NOTE: All registrations must be completed prior to the event. Onsite registration is unavailable.

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