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Airway Alert COPD Management Initiative - Clinical Audit

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This education is accredited: RACGP 40 CPD, ACRRM 30 CME PD.

Audit Aim

To optimise treatment of COPD patients based on current guidelines and best practice.

Inclusion Criteria

  1. Patients with a diagnosis of COPD
  2. Patients prescribed LABA/ICS as the only long-acting maintenance therapy

    How long should it take?

    The audit has been designed to take approximately 8-10 weeks to complete. This includes patient recall from your practice, patient consult and audit evaluation.

Steps to Proceed

What the GP needs to do

  1. Pre-Test
  2. Identify 10 patients. Clear search criteria will be set for opportunistic identification as the patient comes in.

Tips to identify 10 patients

1. Consider a patient being consulted for COPD

2. Perform a search on your practice software using the following search criteria: (Please consult your practice software help or support function if required)

  • Diagnosis: COPD
  • Medications: LABA/ICS combination therapy

3. Recall these patients for a consultation - click here to download a recall letter that can be mail merged using your practice software or handed out by your practice nurse.

3.Assess for each patient: (Enter this information in the patient data entry section of the audit)

  • The patient’s symptom severity
    • FEV1 (non-mandatory)
    • Quality of life
    • Symptoms
    • Exacerbations
  • Adherence to device and advice technique

4. Action

  • Create a COPD management plan based on results of the patient’s assessment
  • Discuss this management plan with the patient
  • Recommendations based on assessment from (3) above:
    • Symptoms
    • Exacerbations
    • Quality of life
    • AFFIRM/FLAME data/new COPD-X Guides
  • Specifically based on assessment:
    • Either ADD or SWITCH

ADD - LAMA to ICS/LABA for triple therapy for additional exacerbation prevention and symptom control

CONSIDER A SWITCH - from ICS/LABA to LAMA/LABA if exacerbations are infrequent (0-1 in previous year), to improve lung function and reduce exacerbation frequency (as per AFFIRM and FLAME study, and COPD-X guideline updates)

5. Data review and evaluation

  • Once you have entered data for 10 patients, review your results and evaluate the audit recommendations

6. CPD points

  • Upon completion of the clinical audit, you will be awarded 40 RACGP QI&CPD or 30 ACRRM PDP points.
  • If a nurse assisted you in completing the clinical audit and wants to claim CPD points download a certificate here

This program is supported by Menarini.

Airway Alert COPD Management Initiative - pre-test
Airway Alert COPD Management Initiative - Declaration
Airway Alert COPD Management Initiative - Patient Entry
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