Using e-Mental Health Programs in Your Practice

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e-Mental Health programs that allow people to undertake self-directed mental health therapies in their own time have been shown to provide benefits comparable to face-to-face treatment. This module will offer participants an insight into the applications of eMH programs in the general practice setting, and outline how these programs can be incorporated into a comprehensive, person-centred mental health care plan.

On completion of this education activity participants will be able to:

  • Understand the fast growing role of e-mental health treatment programs in delivering positive mental health outcomes to patients in Australia.
  • Appreciate the substantial evidence base demonstrating the efficacy of e-mental health treatment programs.
  • Understand the increased role for health professionals in e-mental health treatment programs, and of the range of models available for incorporating e-mental health treatment programs into clinical practice.
  • Utilise practical tools for identifying the patients most likely to benefit, the programs most suitable for those patients, and for supporting patients who decide to access e-mental health treatment programs.
  • Apply the comprehensive educational resources and information available to HPs to increase their knowledge about e-mental health treatment programs.
This activity is sponsored by the Black Dog Institute.
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