MEDTalks - Getting to Grips with COPD

Serious, progressive and disabling, COPD is the fifth leading cause of death in Australia.

Watch the recording of the ‘Getting to Grips with COPD’ MEDTalks, live from GPCE Perth, including four inspiring, thought provoking talks from a panel of respiratory experts who present real patient case studies to hone in on symptoms, signs and investigations to clinch the diagnosis of COPD, while putting the impact of the disease under the microscope. Our experts give recommended tips for management of the disease and explore the new and emerging options for patients living with the burden of COPD. Each talk is only 10 minutes long and includes key takeaways for high impact learning.

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Speakers and talks:

MEDTalk 1 - Clinching the diagnosis - the symptoms, signs & investigations
A/Prof Gary Kilov


MEDTalk 2 - Living with the burden - a patient perspective
Dr Joe Kosterich


MEDTalk 3 - Effective management of a COPD patient - tips & recommendations
Professor Amanda Barnard


MEDTalk 4 - New and emerging options for the management of COPD
Professor Grant Waterer


MEDTalks Q&A
A/Prof Gary Kilov, Dr Joe Kosterich, Professor Amanda Barnard and Professor Grant Waterer, facilitated by A/Prof Ralph Audehm

The MEDTalks are sponsored by Novartis.

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