Antiepileptic medication management

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The management of a patient with epilepsy usually involves one or more pharmacological management strategies. As GPs, we need to be aware of the indications and role of medications in epilepsy, especially with regards to the indications for using a drug class and the potential interactions and side effects. The pharmacological management of epilepsy is discussed with Dr Dan McLaughlin, who is a neurologist from the Brisbane area.

Questions asked in the video

  • Introduction 0:00
  • At what point does one institute drug therapy in the management of seizures? 0:45
  • What drugs are used as first line, and why? 4:43
  • At what point may it be possible to cease drugs altogether? 10:21
  • When to refer to a neurologist and how to share care between GP and specialist 12:51

Resources for practitioners

Resources or patients and families

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