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Diabetes: Key Features of Lifestyle Management

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Professor Manny Noakes explores how dietary changes and lifestyle management can benefit patients with diabetes.

Questions asked in the video

  1. What is the significance of pre-diabetes, and what advice should be offered to patients with pre-diabetes? 0:08
  2. What is the current thinking on dietary advice for patients with diabetes? 0:43
  3. How would you define a "low-carb diet" and a "very low-carb diet"? 1:21
  4. Over the long term, how do these limited carbohydrate diets perform in patients with diabetes? 1:51
  5. How can we ensure compliance to these types of diets? 2:31
  6. How do dietary requirements differ between type 1 and type 2 diabetes? 3:06
  7. How can physical activity assist in the control of blood sugar levels? 3:45
  8. Is there a place for sugar in the diets of patients living with diabetes? 4:15
  9. How can primary healthcare professionals support patients living with diabetes? 4:58


  • Sugar Research Advisory Service
  • CSIRO Healthy Diet Score
  • This program is supported by the Sugar Research Advisory Service.