Don't miss a beat: Identification and management of heart failure

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Cardiologist Dr Leighton Kearney looks at the current state of heart failure management in Australia, and what GPs should know when treating heart failure patients.

Questions asked in the video

  1. Why is heart failure a significant health issue for Australians, and who is at elevated risk? 0:21
  2. What are the key investigations for heart failure, and what should you look out for? 0:58
  3. How can you determine whether a patient is symptomatic? 2:39
  4. What are the key treatment objectives for heart failure, and how can they be met? 3:35
  5. How should the different classes of heart failure medications be prescribed? 4:59
  6. What is the role of non-pharmacological management for heart failure? 7:47

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