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The Management of Major Depressive Disorder in General Practice

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Professor Malcolm Hopwood introduces newer rating scales that can improve diagnosis of depression and assessment of return to health, and discusses strategies that can be applied in a general practice setting.

Questions asked in the video

  • Introduction 0:00
  • What have traditionally been considered the cardinal signs of depression? 0:06
  • Which symptoms have tend to be the most resistant to treatment? 0:35
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of traditional rating scales used to assess depression? 1:08
  • What are the benefits of the newer depression rating scales? 1:57
  • What is your approach to the use of pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments? 2:49
  • What factors do you consider when selecting an antidepressant? 3:39
  • Can you suggest strategies to improve treatment adherence? 4:47
  • What side effects of antidepressant therapy should GPs watch out for? 6:02

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