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Managing Bone Health in Patients with Metastatic Bone Cancer

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Dr Richard de Boer, Medical Oncologist, discusses the treatment approaches and precautions associated with metastatic bone cancer. Long-term management of patients including the use of pharmacological agents is also explored.

Questions asked in the video

  • Introduction 0:00
  • Why is maintaining good bone health important to the ongoing management of metastatic breast and prostate cancer? 0:06
  • What management strategies can be applied to patients with metastatic bone cancer? 1:24
  • How does denosumab compare with zoledronic acid for preventing or treating bony metastases and SREs? 2:32
  • What precautions should GPs consider, and what can they do for patient management? 5:55
  • How can a GP and a cancer specialist work together to ensure the best long-term outcomes for a patient with metastatic bone cancer? 7:38

This program has been developed with an unconditional educational grant from Amgen.

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