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Managing the Physical Symptoms and Comorbidities of PTSD

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Professor Darrell Crawford explores the multi-faceted nature of PTSD symptoms, and outlines how GPs can identify and support patients with PTSD.

Questions asked in the video

  1. Introduction 0:00
  2. What physical symptoms are associated with PTSD? 1:07
  3. What chronic illnesses are linked to PTSD? 2:07
  4. How do you communicate to a patient that their symptoms may be associated with PTSD? 3:13
  5. How can GPs effectively identify and manage patients with PTSD? 4:05
  6. What role can GPs play in supporting people with PTSD? 5:00

Professor Darrell Crawford was one of the clinical investigators on the PTSD Initiative. As Director of Research at the Gallipoli Medical Research Institute he provides leadership in research direction and strategy. He is also the head of GMRF’s Liver Research Unit which conducts innovative research into fatty liver disease and other serious liver illnesses.

A highly respected clinician and clinical scientist with 25 years of service to the discipline of hepatology, Professor Crawford has special expertise in disorders of iron overload, liver transplantation medicine and viral hepatitis.

Professor Crawford is a past president of the Gastroenterological Society of Australia, a past chairman of the Australian Liver Association and a past President of The Asian Pacific Association for the study of the liver. He is a frequently invited speaker at national and international gastroenterology and hepatology meetings.

This program is supported by the Gallipoli Medical Research Institute.