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Optometry Care in Diabetic Eye Disease

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Optometrist Paula Katalinic provides an overview of diabetic eye disease, and how you can play a part in the management of this condition.

Questions asked in the video

  1. What is the significance of diabetic eye disease? 0:29
  2. What eye complications can diabetes lead to? 1:30
  3. What are the risk factors for diabetic eye disease? 3:20
  4. Why is it important for patients with diabetes to get regular eye tests? 3:58
  5. What is involved in an eye test for patients with diabetes? 5:01
  6. What are the current NHMRC guidelines regarding diabetic eye disease? 6:32
  7. Can you explain the new Medicare item numbers for diabetic eye disease? 7:35
  8. What information should be provided to an optometrist in the case of a referral? 9:16
  9. What treatments are available for diabetic eye disease? 10:21

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