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Providing Best Outcomes in Managing Depression

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As the primary providers of mental health care for the Australian community, it is important for GPs to provide effective strategies for managing depression and address patients' concerns. Dr Richard Smith of the Toorak Medical Clinic explores the options available, and how the TAILOR Clinical Audit can improve outcomes.

Questions asked in the video

  1. What role can GPs play in the management of depression? 0:08
  2. How can GPs effectively screen for depression? 1:35
  3. What concerns do patients have regarding treatment for depression? 3:30
  4. Can you offer some advice for selecting an antidepressant? 5:55
  5. What is involved in the TAILOR Clinical Audit? 8:49
  6. How did the TAILOR Clinical Audit improve outcomes for both the patient and practice team? 11:24

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