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The Shape of the Australian Diet: Discretionary Foods

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Professor Manny Noakes examines Australians' intake of discretionary food, and just how much is too much.

Questions asked in the video

  1. What are the latest developments in the rates of overweight and obesity in Australia? 0:08
  2. Why is a 'Western' style diet frequently blamed for rising obesity rates? 0:41
  3. What does the Australian version of a 'Western' diet look like? 1:30
  4. What are 'discretionary foods', which make up 35% of the Australian's energy intake? 2:37
  5. How can we account for the increase in discretionary food intake? 3:26
  6. Is it feasible to increase physical activity to counteract energy intake from discretionary foods? 4:14
  7. How do demographic factors relate to consumption of discretionary foods? 5:04
  8. What advice can primary healthcare professionals offer patients regarding discretionary foods? 6:30


  • Sugar Research Advisory Service
  • CSIRO Healthy Diet Score
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