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Tailoring the Use of Topical Therapy for Solar Keratoses to Patient Needs

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Cryotherapy and topical therapies are the main treatment approaches for solar keratosis. Dr Ryan De Cruz discusses when they should be used, and the types of topical therapies available.

Questions asked in the video

  1. What roles do cryotherapy and topical therapies play in managing solar keratoses? 0:08
  2. What are the most common topical therapies in use in Australia? 1.40
  3. What potential reactions should patients be aware of when commencing topical therapies? 2:48
  4. When is sequential treatment of cryotherapy followed by topical therapy advisable? 4:23
  5. For what patient profiles would the use of diclofenac gel (Solaraze) be preferred? 5:09
  6. How do you ensure patient adherence to treatment with diclofenac gel (Solaraze)? 6:13
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