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Vitamin D and sun protection in general practice

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Produced by the Cancer Council Victoria’s SunSmart Program, the Vitamin D & Sun Protection in General Practice video is designed to provide GPs and other health professionals in Australia with increased knowledge and confidence in advising patients about sun exposure, Vitamin D and skin cancer prevention in general practice.

Featuring Professor Peter Ebeling; Endocrinologist and Chair of the NorthWest Academic Centre, University of Melbourne and Professor Rodney Sinclair; Professor of Dermatology, University of Melbourne, this 15 minute video presents expert opinions on these topics, with practical recommendations and resources for patients.

Questions asked in the video

  • Introduction 0:05
  • What is vitamin D and why is it important? 0:50
  • What are the sources of Vitamin D? 1:25
  • How do you achieve a healthy sun exposure balance? 2:00
  • Who is most at risk of vitamin D deficiency? 3:23
  • How are vitamin D levels measured? 8:16
  • What are the recommended vitamin D levels? 9:17
  • What about skin cancer? 10:02
  • How do we prevent skin cancer? 11:04
  • Case study: What are your recommendations for a fair-skinned patient who has previously had a melanoma? 11:50
  • Does sunscreen hinder vitamin D absorption? 12:18
  • Case study: A patient with naturally very dark skin is concerned about vitamin D levels. What information do you provide? 13:18