The role of non-pharmacological measures in the management of atherogenic dyslipidaemia

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Professor Steven Boyages outlines the role of non-pharmacological factors within a comprehensive management strategy for patients with atherogenic dyslipidaemia.

Questions asked in the video

  1. How significant is obesity as a risk factor for atherogenic dyslipidaemia? 0:04
  2. What dietary factors are important to consider in atherogenic dyslipidaemia? 0:37
  3. What is the relationship between fat and carbohydrate intake, and dyslipidaemia? 2:26
  4. What key behavioural changes should we aim for in managing dyslipidaemia? 3:30
  5. Are dietary supplements recommended for patients with dyslipidaemia? 4:27
  6. What is the role of diet and lifestyle within the overall management of atherogenic dyslipidaemia? 4:59

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