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Osteoporosis is a major, yet undertreated, cause of disability in Australia. Refresh your knowledge on osteoporosis and fracture management.

What is the GP's role in cancer screening?

This education discusses the detection of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) in general practice.

Measure the patient factors that affect compliance to medication in 10 of your patients.

Act today on BP. Take control of CV risk tomorrow.

Learn about healthy eating patterns for the different life stages.

Managing a Patient's Lifestyle - Get Healthy Information and Coaching

Participate in this activity for support in encouraging healthy lifestyle changes in your patients. ‘The Get Healthy Information and Coaching Service’ is a free 6 month telephone-based coaching Service to help your patients make sustainable lifestyle changes in relation to healthy eating, being physically active and achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

Osteoporosis - early detection, fracture prevention and treatment in primary practice

Osteoporosis is a major, yet undertreated, cause of disability in Australia. This education provides guidance on osteoporosis and fracture management and offers a whole-of-life strategy - through calcium, vitamin D and exercise for bone health.

Key features in managing STIs - STI testing tool

This education module looks at how to discuss sexual practice, STI and HIV risk with an aim to increasing STI and HIV testing in practices. A wide range of case studies also examine ways of approaching STI and HIV testing and treatment and promoting safe sexual practice using the NSW STIPU STI Testing Tool.


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This video is designed to provide GPs and other health professionals in Australia with increased knowledge and confidence in advising patients about sun exposure, Vitamin D and skin cancer prevention...