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In part 2 of our Chronic Disease Series, Associate Professor Craig Nelson explores the principles for managing a patient's absolute cardiovascular risk

In part 2 of our Women's Health Series Dr. Caroline West explores how to approach fertility planning in general practice.

Watch Part 1 of our Intellectual Disability Series. This video discusses access to health services for people with intellectual disability.

Learn about the role of general practitioners in contact tracing for STIs.

Refresh your knowledge of the diagnosis and management of whooping cough in general practice.

Evidence and practical strategies for a higher protein, low GI diet

Chronic Kidney Disease and cardiovascular risk reduction

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) continues to be a major burden of chronic diseases managed in our practices. Associate Professor Craig Nelson, Renal Physician discusses a patient's absolute risk of a cardiovascular event with CKD, known risk factors and how to calculate a figure that can be discussed in managing that risk down.

Promoting awareness of factors that affect fertility in primary care

An estimated 9% of couples at any given time experience infertility, causing an extent of personal suffering amongst our patients. Participate in this activity to explore the links between age and lifestyle factors for improving fertility and pregnancy outcomes. The module will guide you through when and how to discuss a patient’s fertility goals to establish a reproductive life plan.

Accessing care for a patient with Intellectual Disability (ID)

A consumer of health services for people with intellectual disability, describes what he likes about his GP, the characteristics of a good visit to the GP for himself and his family and what he thinks the Emergency Department and the hospital wards do well for people with intellectual disability.This video is Part 4 of an Intellectual Disability Series.