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About ThinkGP

At ThinkGP, we understand that healthcare professionals have busy, engaging lives - both on and off the job. Trying hard to keep up with all the developments in a medical landscape that changes before our eyes, we began thinking about how we can make medical education more engaging, more satisfying, and more accessible.

And so ThinkGP was born.

ThinkGP offers a range of RACGP and ACRRM accredited online educational activities for GPs and allied health professionals - free, online, anytime. Working with a diverse group of expert content partners, we’ve prepared a library of educational modules and ALMs, clinical audits, informative videos and thorough guides - whatever the topic you want to learn about.

ThinkGP is the brainchild of Dr John Crimmins, a veteran general practitioner with over 25 years of experience treating patients from the urban jungle of Sydney city to the lush wilderness of Dorrigo. His experience in a variety of settings - as well as his time in the RACGP - is an invaluable asset to the Reed Medical Education team, who still work around the clock to bring you current, relevant, evidence- and best practice-based educational content.

Having celebrated our tenth birthday last year, ThinkGP has grown to over 38,000 members from all over the healthcare industry (including 19,000 GPs), and have awarded over 250,000 QI&CPD points to RACGP and ACRRM members in the 2014-16 triennium alone.

We're always seeking to improve our content and work with new content partners to deliver even more up-to-date material, so don't forget to check back now and again to see what's on offer (and register if you haven't yet)!