GPCE Mastering Exam Preparation Program | Sydney 2019


Led by four clinically experienced RACGP & ACRRM examiners across an invaluable six-month period, the GPCE Mastering Exam Preparation Program is our NEWEST high intensity educational opportunity designed specifically for those looking to get ahead in the lead up to their Fellowship examinations.


What's involved?

May 17-19, GPCE Sydney: 8 hrs of unmissable live training and simulations

May - November, ThinkGP: 4+ hrs of exclusive online education plus expert videos, webinars, and more!


A fully supportive and innovative preparation program presented by a stellar GP advisory board:

  • Dr John Crimmins       
  • Dr Karin Jodlowski      
  • Dr Rebecca Stewart     
  • Dr Simon Cowap


Why you can’t miss out!

  • Improve your confidence and develop your clinical reasoning, decision making and communication skills
  • Learn the art of mastering the Fellowship exams, and take the knowledge with you into your career as a GP 
  • Delve into 20+ ‘Sherlock Holmes mystery-style’ scientific-based case analyses simulating the unpredictable nature of the exam and real clinical experiences
  • Actively partake in informative daily Academy Advisory Q&A panel discussions
  • Learn key GP skills and abilities based on the RACGP and ACRRM Curricular for Fellowship
  • Connect with, and learn alongside a supportive network of peers all preparing for the exams
  • Get free access to GPCE Sydney conference sessions in the morning before your Academy sessions (Saturday 18th - Sunday 19th May) plus full day access on the Friday
  • Take advantage of ongoing online support and education in the lead up to your exam date


Implementing innovative educational techniques to help you to pass your Fellowship exams, the GPCE Mastering Exam Preparation Program will help you to become not just a good doctor, but an exceptional one.