News and Education for health professionals

Professor Darrell Crawford explores the multi-faceted nature of PTSD symptoms, and outlines how GPs can identify and support patients with PTSD.

This education covers the diagnosis on CMPA in infants, and outlines the available management methods.

This education explores the current state of overweight and obesity in Australia, and outlines methods of fostering communication with patients to achieve behaviour change and weight loss.

This education discusses the end of life decisions in patients who have been diagnosed with dementia.

Dr Richard Smith of the Toorak Medical Clinic explores the options available for managing depression, and how the TAILOR Clinical Audit can improve outcomes.

Helping our patients get healthy

They affect around half of all Australians and are the leading cause of ill health and death in this country, but many chronic diseases share common lifestyle risk factors that are largely preventable. This learning activity is about how you can help your patients by facilitating their access to the free Get Healthy Information and Coaching Service, with an overview of eligibility, the referral process and follow-ups.