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Clinical Audit: Beating Heart Failure

This clinical audit aims to improve the management of patients with chronic heart failure who have been taking an ACE inhibitor or ARB for over four weeks.

Dr Jonathan Cohen, GP and parent of adult children with fragile X syndrome, provides information regarding the identification and management of fragile X syndrome in primary care.

Mike Tozer and Dr Cynthia Roberts share their experiences of having children with this condition, and explore how health professionals can play a supporting role.

Tailoring treatment approaches for your COPD patients

A critical review and appraisal of the different treatment options for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), with a focus on tailoring the treatment to the different needs of patients...

Review the central role GPs have in planning and providing for palliative care in a community based setting.

Clinical Audit: Beating Heart Failure
Tailoring treatment approaches for your COPD patients

Clinical Audit: TAILOR - Target Antidepressant Initiation choice to unLock positive patient Outcomes and Response

This clinical audit aims to tailor the choice of anti-depressant medication for the initial management of a patient with depression based on maintaining therapy long term to achieve more positive patient outcomes and response with a clear focus on involving the patient in all management decisions.

Unintended Pregnancy

Review the options available to your patients experiencing unintended pregnancies through both a medical and a legal framework. In this interview, Dr Mary Stewart considers different strategies for general practitioners to support their patients, including non-directive pregnancy counselling and resources available in support of both the GP and the patient.

Cervical Cancer Screening

Which patient population groups are at the highest risk of developing cervical cancer? How do we overcome barriers in performing pap smear tests on our patients? In this interview, Dr Lynne Wray addresses the guidelines and recommendations in supporting ongoing cervical screening of our patients.